See the Coral Castle in Florida

I cannot pass up a quirky roadside attraction. Since the 1940s, right off U.S. Route 1 the Coral Castle [28655 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33033] has been raising questions. How did one man build this structure and why on earth did he do it? We may never know, but Ed Leedskalnin, a Latvian American built something back then that still draws a crowd today.

Ed spent more than 28 years building the castle and no one saw him work, so it is unknown how he moved the megalithic stones that weigh tons.

The structure is built without mortar, no light passes through the joints, and is so sturdy that not even Hurricane Andrew could make it budge. Although it is called the coral caslte – the material is actually oolite, a kind of limestone. Inside the 8-foot wall where Ed lived, there is an array of strange and useful objects.

A sundial, a telescope, a bbq, a well, a bathtub, and a heart-shaped table where people get married!

One interactive component is a 9-ton gate that you can magically move with your fingertips.

This is an unusual place to be sure, beautifully constructed. Tours will give you even more information, and you are welcome to wander around the grounds on your own. It reminds me of another structure in upstate New York – Opus 40, and is on par with the masonry of the Peruvians in Cusco!

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