Twelve Angle Stone, Cusco Peru

The Incas are touted for their masonry and many of the attractions in Peru are based upon the ruins from the empire that were strong enough to remain today. One really impressive aspect of their architecture is the fact that it contains no mortar. Not far from the main historic center of Cusco the alleyways become more narrow and the stones become much larger.

Find your way to Hatun Rumiyoc Street, which in the traditional Quechua language means ‘big stone.’ Here is where you will find unfathomable Incan stonework at its finest – the Twelve Angle Stone.

You may know it from counting the angles, or counting the people taking pictures of it, but either way you should quest to know it. The stone is a national heritage object and was once part of a wall in an Incan palace. Admire the jigsaw like shape and the fact that there is no way to even fit a credit card between those joints. It is perfect and entirely unique to behold.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Yes! Never enough time, so many more places I wish I could have seen in Peru.

  2. zoomeboshi says:

    That was a most amazing stone and was the wall of which it was a part. I regret not having explored Cusco more.

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