Visit the cats in Parque Kennedy, Miraflores Peru

Are you a crazy cat lady? I know I am, its actually one of the hardest parts about travel (leaving my Sassy at home). Here is a picture of her for good measure.

When traveling I love finding surrogate animals, especially cats. Therefore, Parque Kennedy in the center of Miraflores was a dream to me, and a must for all cat lovers. At first I really didn’t see many, then they started appearing EVERYWHERE. These cats can climb into the tallest branches of the trees and they camouflage really well.

They started appearing in the flower beds,

beside benches,

and in the shade of the sculptures. The cats are very well taken care of and all up for adoption, if you want to bring the ultimate souvenir home from Peru.

The park itself is pretty, surrounded by some nice architectural sites and many cafes.

The park is dedicated to United States President John F. Kennedy and there is a small monument dedicated to him.

Come for the cats, stay to relax and soak up the local scene.

Other cat sanctuaries around the world?

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