Off the beaten path in Rome

Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary, Via di Torre Argentina, 1, 00186 Roma, Italy

One of the hardest things about travel for me is leaving my best feline pal at home, Sassy cat. As the crazy cat lady (or gattare in Italian) that I am, I’ve really enjoyed cat sanctuaries all over the world including Cat Island on the shores of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the Poezenboot Cat Boat on a canal in Amsterdam. Out of all of the cat sanctuaries I have to say, Rome takes the cake.

Torre_Argentina_Cat_SanctuaryYou really can’t beat petting a cat amongst the gorgeous roman ruins…once the Theater of Pompey, where Julius Caesar was murdered.

Roman_Cat_SanctuaryWalk down the stairs and there is a small alleyway with very pettable cats. Inside you can find, gasp! More cats.

Torre_Argentina_Roman_Cat_Sanctuary_1Help upkeep this wonderful sanctuary and donate, even if its just the change in your pocket. We followed a day in the life of one of the fancy cats with a personality to boot. It trounced in and out of the alleyway, through the ruins, and wherever it pleased.

Torre_Argentina_Roman_Cat_SanctuaryAlthough you cannot walk into the ruins, you can gaze from above. It may seem quiet down below, but there are over 200 cats cared for here. Relax your eyes and they’ll start popping up.

Torre_Argentina_Roman_Cat_Sanctuary_2If you know cats…they’re found a great nook to slumber in during the day.

Roseto di Roma, Via di Valle Murcia, 6, 00153 Roma, Italy

There is so much to see and do in Rome, sometimes you have to slow down, and smell the roses.

Roseto_di_RomaSeriously, there is a lovely rose garden right across from the Circus Maximus, where the ancient Romans raced their chariots. It is blissfully quiet here, the flowers are beautifully maintained, there is a public bathroom and drinking fountain. What more could you ask for?

Tiber Island

Cross an ancient bridge to visit the tiny mystical island in the middle of the Tiber River.

tiber_island_romeThe bridge was built in 62AD, the oldest standing in Rome.

Pons_Fabricius_romeWalk around the island in a matter of minutes, or walk around the opposing banks of the river and admire the island from afar.

tiber_island_rome_1The island is intertwined with healing throughout history, a breath of fresh air away from the mainland. In ancient times there was a temple for Aesculapius the god of medicine, today there is a fully functional hospital and a church.

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