Lake George Pinball: Funarama and Funworld Arcades

I’m trying to imagine a time where Lake George Village was dotted with pinball arcades. I’ve always thought I was meant for another generation! If you know where to look, there are still a few machines in Lake George. Plus, when you’re in the game the rest of the world disappears anyway. Time ceases to exist, and you may very well be back in 1975 right next to Tommy. AnywhoAt Fun World Arcade [127 Canada St, Lake George, NY 12845] you’ll find a back wall lined with machines.

fun_world_arcade_lake_georgeMost of the kids are playing other games, newer ones, so you may have the area to yourself. Not all of the machines were on, but between The Addams Family, The Simpsons, and FunHouse, we got our fix. Plus, I got to rock out on Ms. Pac-Man. If you walk right across the street you’ll find Funa’rama [137 Beach Rd, Lake George, NY 12845].

funarama_lake_george_arcadeThis definitely feels like a newer arcade, but if you head to the back you’ll find three pinball machines all in pretty good condition. There was a really new Star Trek machine that Jeff totally took over, so I was left with the Mustang and Mario machines. Mario pumps out some tickets for prizes, same as I found at Pinball Wizard. Once again, most of the kids were playing elsewhere and didn’t even look at the machines! In a bustling place we had a quiet bubble environment to play.

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