Pinball Wizard Arcade, Pelham NH

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve played the silver ball. From Asbury Park to Budapest, I’m doing my best to play them all. Pelham, New Hampshire is kind of in the middle of nowhere (under an hour from Boston), but completely worth the expedition if you are a pinball lover. The Pinball Wizard Arcade [150 Bridge St, Pelham, NH 03076] is a fantastic arcade.

pinball_wizard_arcade_4Convert your dollars into tokens, you’ll get a slight discount for spending $20. Some games will give out tickets and there are prizes to redeem at the front counter. I love trying out new machines I’ve never seen before. Some of my favorites at this arcade were Space Invaders, Gilligan’s Islands, and Super Mario Bros Mushroom World (which was the only machine I encountered that gave tickets for prizes).

pinball_wizard_arcade_pelhamOld favorites include Dr. Who, Tommy, Tales from the Crypt, South Park, and Simpsons machines. The widest machine in the arcade was Hercules, almost double the size of a regular one!

pinball_wizard_arcade_nhThere were plenty of rows of pinball machines over 100 games to choose from, but also a ton of retro arcade games as well! Tons of pac-man, space invaders, driving games, fighting games, almost anything you can hope for.

pinball_wizard_arcade_nh_1And skeeball! Plus air hockey, craning, and a bunch of pool tables.

Pinball_wizard_pelham_nhWe got a few good hours out of our $20 investment, and at the end of the night we went to cash in our tickets. Meager, because we mostly played pinball, but I knew exactly what I wanted.

pinball_wizard_arcade_nh_5I’ve always been slightly obsessed with sixlets. We had enough tickets for one packet, but when the man handing out the prizes saw my excitement, he tossed me a second one on the house and made my day!

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  1. Pinball and sixlets! Worth a drive! Thanks!

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