Akatsuka Orchid Gardens, Volcano Hawaii

Orchids are one of the most exceptional and exotic blossoms I have encountered in life. I love how such a bold and vibrant flower pops out of a slender mundane stem. My love began when I went to the orchid show at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and saw the incredible variety of the flower. The colors, shapes, sizes, all so unique and beautiful. Since then I have taken on the task of tending to my own orchid, which is finally budding! So as an orchid lover, and a lover of flowers and nature in general, I had to visit the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens [11-3051 Volcano Rd, Volcano, HI 96785].

Akatsuka_Orchid_Gardens_The gardens are right on the way to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, so it is a great stop to add to your itinerary. Entering and wandering around the showroom is free, and quite a sight to see. There are so many different variations of orchids to oogle at.

Akatsuka_Orchid_Gardens_5 Akatsuka_Orchid_Gardens_9Be sure to take time and smell the orchids. Not all orchids smell the same, some don’t even smell at all. If you’re lucky, or diligent, you will discover my favorite orchid to smell.

hawaii_orchid_gardenI kid you not, this amazing flower smells just like chocolate! Once you are are finished walking through the rows of orchids, you can peek into the grow room in the back.

Akatsuka_Orchid_Gardens_1So much green! If you have an orchid at home and can identify what variety it is, there are direction on how to properly care for it. Don’t forget to grab a fresh wonderful smelling flower to clip to your hair.

Akatsuka_Orchid_Gardens_big_islandA memory to keep for the rest of the day from your wonderful experience at the gardens!

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