Bronx Botanical Gardens

One of the loveliest places in the world to me is the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. This is truly an urban oasis. In every season this is a great spot to visit; there are many gardens and trails filled with diverse flora, and there are groups that bird watch here as well so you are sure to see some wildlife. I enjoy walking by the river,

547926_10200895258721713_419363617_n Stopping to smell the roses,


And enjoying the scenery.

303839_2610454698613_590601362_n 164600_10200895262681812_57425562_n There are so many different paths to take, so make sure you take a map unless you enjoy getting lost and loosing yourself in such a magical place.

383822_2610459898743_28303690_n You can enter the conservatory year round, but my favorite time to do so is in winter.


There are wonderful programs such as the train show and the orchid show. With all of the splendid sights and colors you forget all about the bitter cold outside.

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The gardens are free to the public on Wednesdays, and the Bronx Zoo is free this day as well.

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