The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is one of the biggest and best zoos I have ever been to, I was very lucky to grow up with it right in my backyard. I have so many memories running around with peacocks, watching seals eat, visiting, and viewing all of the animals throughout the years.


I certainly have my favorites. The Himalayan Highlands is probably the exhibit I am always most eager to see. Here you’ll run into the elusive snow leopard, the red panda, and the white naped crane.

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I also love going into the Monkey, Reptile, and Madagascar houses. The golden lion tamarin and the gila monster are two species I love to observe.

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Big animals draw big crowds such as tigers, lions, elephants, polar bears, rhinos, and gorillas.

375857_2610411177525_1377341047_n 486136_10200720155584244_1020409618_n I tend to be more enamored by a tapir or baboon.

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Everyone has preferences and to see everything in one visit you would have to do quite a bit of walking and devote a good amount of time. It’s an amazing zoo and if you can make the journey you surely will not forget it. On Wednesdays it is free, along with the nearby Bronx Botanical Gardens.


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