Cathedral Rock, Sedona Hike

Supposedly an ‘energy vortex’ of spirituality. Supposedly one of the most photographed spots in Arizona. Supposedly an easy hike. You can suppose a lot of things about Cathedral Rock [Try the intersection of Route 179 and Back O Beyond Rd in Sedona. Turn onto B.O.B and a paid parking lot is the left, $5 unless you have America the Beautiful pass], but you won’t know anything for sure until you get yourself there. Sedona is an overall kitschy, cool, funky, awesome town that I wish I got to spend more time in. It’s got a great vibe and claims that multiple energy vortexes reside in town, perhaps creating its fantastic aura. Vortexes are supposed to leave visitors inspired and uplifted from the energy that emanates from these sites. A November snow squall was passing through and the epic rock formation was blanketed by a grey white confusion. We sat in the car and waited it out. As quickly as it came in luckily it passed, and the cheery blue sky appeared with the commanding figure Cathedral Rock. It is easy to see why photographers would flock to this uniquely bizarre and beautiful structure.

Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_9 Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_1 Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_7Elevation is high in this city, 4,500 feet winters are mild, but present. We bundled up and took on the chilly wet hike. The trail is 1.4 round trip out and back. It is short, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is an easy hike. In just .7 miles you will gain over 600 feet of elevation on this steep trail, vertically rock climbing at many points, especially difficult when wet.

cathedral_rock_energy_vortexThis hike is by no means easy, but very manageable for novice hikers on account of its short distance. You must be sure footed to scale the slick, smooth rock walls, would not recommend for those with fear of heights. Follow the Cathedral Rock trail and the cairns (piles of rocks) to the end of the trail and you will reach the saddle, the gap in between the spires,

Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_2 Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_3and spectacular views.

Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_6 Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_5 Cathedral_Rock_Sedona_Enjoy the gorgeous desert flora along the way. So, is the site an energy vortex? Go and judge for yourself. I always feel most inspired and uplifted when I am in nature, so I must be bias. All I know for sure is that Cathedral Rock was an amazing, slightly challenging, unforgettable hike!

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