Best of Thousand Islands: Alexandria Bay

Alexandria Bay, or for those better acquainted, Alex Bay is a bustling little summer town in the Thousand Islands. The theme here is water: boating, fishing, and diving – you’ll find it all and more. On land the main drag is filled with souvenir shops, fried food and fudge, bars, everything that comes with summer tourism. Almost everyone takes a boat ride to Boldt Castle, a monument of love sitting just off shore. People throng to the town in August for pirate days. You’ll find families with kids and drunk adults alike dressed up as Jack Sparrow wandering about. Join in or beware! All this alone may be just enough for you, but if you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path there is quieter fun to be had.

You can always take a walk over the Thousand Islands Bridge.

Hanging out in the Scenic View Park [Sisson Street, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607] is dreamlike! This small park has a mighty view of forested islands and boats sailing by. Take it in from the shade of the pavilion,

scenic view parkor grab a closer gander by walking across the petite pedestrian bridge.
DSCN0257Sit on a bench or the curvaceous rock wall, but be warned, there can be a splash at times! This is a lovely place to have a picnic, bring the kids to the playground and swimming area for kids, or come and watch a sunset. You get a fantastic view of Boldt Castle and the Sunken Rock Lighthouse.

scenic view park 1 alexandria bay 1Be sure to find and read the plaque about the geology of the area.

alexandria bayIf you’re looking for a more refined dinner head to The Kitchen [2 Church St Alexandria Bay, NY 13607] a short walk from the Scenic View Park. Sit outside on the lovely garden patio of this bed and breakfast restaurant.

alexandria bay 5We hungrily ordered and our appetizers soon came out with a gorgeous presentation. The dill cured salmon looked playfully like a breakfast bruschetta, and it tasted as amazing as it looked.

alexandria bay 10The savory caramelized onion and mushroom tart melted in our mouths, the balsamic reduction sauce added a sweet touch, and the lightly dressed arugula freshened up the dish.

alexandria bay 9We were positively licking our plates and couldn’t wait until our main courses. The man got a big meaty brisket burger with a fried egg which looked so good.

alexandria bay 8I don’t eat red meat very often, but I was sneaking slithers of that delectable brisket. My dish was salmon and beans with bacon all smothered in a finger licking sauce.

alexandria bay 7We couldn’t leave without dessert, a personal peach and raspberry pie – the cherry on top to a grand meal.

alexandria bay 6This place is right on, delicious tasting food, local ingredients, and a beautiful setting.

For a different nightlife scene try the Bay Drive-In Theater [2 miles outside of Alexandria Bay intersection of Route-26 and Bailey Settlement Road], or the Thousand Islands Winery [43298 Seaway Ave, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607].

Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to have fun in breathtaking Alex Bay.

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