Best of Thousand Islands: Walking over the Thousand Islands Bridge

The Thousand Islands region is made up of 1,864 islands splattered on the Saint Lawrence River between the U.S.-Canadian border. It is a terribly scenic region worth the trip up north, 3½ hours from Albany. With islands come bridges. A series of bridges connect New York to Ontario, and one segment on the New York side of the border has a pedestrian walkway. There is something alluring about bridges. They’re magical to look at. Unique pieces of architectural art crossing waters and connecting once separate lands in harmonious union. The Thousand Islands Bridge [43373 Collins Landing Rd, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607] rises high above the Saint Lawrence on a beautiful day, sea foam green against a pale blue sky.

Thousand Islands Bridge 4The walk is one-mile each way, and not for the faint of heart. The walkway is narrow, much like a sidewalk, so you come into close contact with cars and trucks barreling forward.

Thousand Islands BridgeThe views of the river below merit the walk. The sound of traffic will melt away as you look into the deep blue and sometimes spots of turquoise water.

Thousand Islands Bridge 2You can count islands, watch boaters and birds, and marvel at the intricate coastline of this picturesque area from high above.

Thousand Islands Bridge 3 Thousand Islands Bridge 1The exhilarating walk along the bridge was a great way to take in the lay out of the land, snap some pictures, and get some exercise! A fun and free activity for your trip to the Thousand Islands area.

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2 Responses to Best of Thousand Islands: Walking over the Thousand Islands Bridge

  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think there would be room for walkers to pass by with bike, very narrow indeed. Definitely more to come! Thanks for reading :).

  2. I saw your Berkshires post on AllOverAlbany. I go camping in the Thousand Islands every year and I’ve always thought of crossing the bridge on a bicycle, but I’ve read it’s too narrow and you basically have to walk it over. Looks like that’s the case!

    Hope there’s more Thousand Island updates coming!

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