Manchester VT Hike: Lye Brook Falls

The drive on Route 7 from Albany to Vermont is so peaceful,

IMG_7292and if you’re heading to Lye Brook Falls [The intersection of Glen Rd. and Lye Brook Access Road in Manchester Vermont, continue on Lye Brook Access Road until you reach the parking lot] the beauty continues on. I had never heard of this National Forest before,

IMG_7300but the lot was filled with all different state license plates on a sunny Saturday morning. We hit the trail that was wonderfully maintained and easy to follow. Take a peak at the creek and you will see sparkling bronze water rushing by, a great sign if you’re hoping for a lush waterfall.

IMG_7297The path is slightly rocky so be aware of your footing, and as you’re looking down marvel at the beautiful color of certain rocks.

IMG_7301The trail is out and back, just over two miles one way through the woods. The trail is pretty flat initially, though when you being to pick up elevation you keep going. You will find mushrooms,


IMG_7311birds along the way among potential other wonders if you keep your eyes open. In time you will see a saturated rock wall weeps to your left, and a sheer drop to your right.

IMG_7304Eventually you will emerge from the familiar wooded scene and your view will begin to clear out.

IMG_7306Your huffing and puffing will transpire to oohing and ahhing as you see one of Vermont’s tallest falls at 125 feet, Lye Brook produces an awe-inspiring sight. There are many different ways to look at the cascading falls.

IMG_7314 IMG_7328 IMG_7318The spot where the trail initially spits you out isn’t the best image, you must continue on for a short distance up on the path along the left side of the falls! This will lead to the best spot in the house.

IMG_7326Find yourself a comfortable spot and take in that view, savor it until the next group comes along – this is a very popular trail.

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