Best Eats of Oahu: Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen

Boots & Kimo’s (Cheap Eats, Breakfast, Windward)

Other than delicious acai bowls, this was the only breakfast we went out for and I wouldn’t change a thing. Mac (macadamia) nuts are huge in Hawaii, and if you’ve never had them you should investigate because they are delicious. Mac nuts can be chopped and used for garnish on fish, they can be grinded into pesto, or they can be blasted into an obscenely delicious sauce like what was on top of my pancakes here. Wow these were so delicious, warm, creamy, and comforting. IMG_1858The portion wasn’t out of control and though I couldn’t finish, I bet many could, and Jeff certainly helped me clear the plate. Among the best pancakes I’ve encountered. The man enjoyed a spicy omelet, which was also said to be delectable. We split a colorful pitaya (dragon fruit) smoothie which was superb. IMG_1857There is a parking lot in the back which had a bunch of chickens in it. Pretty much everywhere on the island had a bunch of chickens. I read that this joint can get extremely busy so we got there very promptly after opening and the place was still quiet. We easily got a table, food came out fast, but over the short duration of the meal the place entirely packed up. I would recommend coming here very early, or you can order your meal for pick up as well.

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