Best of Oahu Eats: Hula Grill Waikiki

Hula Grill Waikiki (Dinner/Dessert, Waikiki)

Our one typically tourist fancy pants dinner was here on our first night in Oahu. The place was packed when we got there for our 6:45 reservation and service was a little sluggish, but sweet. It’s a little loud but if you are capable of tuning that out the setting is really beautiful. Tiki torches and the sound of the waves, with stars making their first appearance in the darkening sky. IMG_1751Relaxing live music was playing on the other end of the restaurant. They served a nice assortment of breads with an interesting oil and vinegar. We got a mushroom risotto which was so buttery and divine. IMG_1753I got a mac nut encrusted monk fish which was prepared nicely with green beans. IMG_1755Jeff got a special that he enjoyed. IMG_1756Both meals were tasty to be sure, but nothing that knocked our socks off especially for the price. What really took the prize here was the hula pie. It is just absurd. A huge slab of pie piled mountain high with ice cream, hot fudge, mac nuts, and whipped cream. IMG_1758You really need more than two people to eat this…we almost finished it. I would definitely recommend coming for that, and the great atmosphere! I can’t imagine trying to find parking around here; we were lucky to be within walking distance from our hotel.

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