Dinner in the Berkshires: Nudel

After a long day of shopping and visiting a crazy roadside attraction, were hungry and in the Berkshires. To Nudel it was! A fine restaurant in Lenox, MA where we would enjoy a charming dinner. The chow was fantastic. We ordered three small plates and a small portion of pasta. This was a perfect amount of food for two ravenous souls. Our favorite small plate was the fish cake of smoky arctic char, the fish & sauce were off the hook! Try not to lick the plate this is a classy joint.

IMG_1692 The black pepper trout pate was really delicious as well! It had a funky presentation though we weren’t sure what all the components were, we cleaned the plate.


Came with tasty toast as well, mmmm.


The chicken skin tacos were finger-lickin good, how can you go wrong with chicken skin? Answer: you can’t. Not here at least!

IMG_1695 As this is a pasta bar, we got the linguini, pumpkin, braised chicken, chipotle, sundried tomato and cheddar crumbs to try. This dish was very tasty to be sure, but compared to the small plates it didn’t shine as bright.


The service was great, I drink a ton of water so I loved that they gave a carafe and refilled it before I ever need to ask. It is a small place. The atmosphere is intimate, there is local art on the walls, you can see the chefs cooking if you sit at the bar. We came at 5:30, exactly when they open, and some of the few tables were already taken. By the time we were finished with our meal the place was pretty much at capacity, so I would suggest getting here as early as possibly if you don’t want to wait, they do not take reservations. Scrumptious dinner, perfect ending to a great daytrip in Massachusetts!


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