Roadside Attraction: Dead Frog Circus

For three years I have been making an annual trip to Northampton, MA to holiday shop. For three long years I have been filled with a burning curiosity about a truly bizarre roadside attraction. After three long years, I finally made it to the Dead Frog Circus in Holyoke, MA…and it surpassed my every expectation!!! Just a 15 minute side-trip from my shopping destination, I am beyond happy I got to visit this tiny exhibit. It is located in the carriage house of the Wistariahurst Musuem, and free to check out. The estate is gorgeous, even on a dreary rainy day winter day, I was intrigued.


However it was a quarter to 4pm, their closing time, so I only had a few minutes to explore. It would be great to come back and have a closer look during a better season. The exhibit was built in 1927 by a man from Chatham, and it is seriously unique. The taxidermed frogs were going WILD in this circus. There was a full band, trapeze artists, turtle and mouse riding frogs, and more.

IMG_1684 IMG_1689 IMG_1687 IMG_1686 I have never seen anything like this; it gave me so many laughs! If you find yourself in the area you must take a quick visit to this peculiar piece of history.

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