Chang Phuak Gate Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

At the northern end of the city Chang Phuak Gate Night Market starts up at dusk and stays open late.

You might miss a mini history lesson while in search of a snack. The market got its name from the walls built in 1296, the year Chiang Mai was founded, to defend against invaders. There is also a moat.

Feel safe browsing through the vendors at the North Gate Market, and get ready for some impeccable street food. Gorgeous seafood waiting to be grilled.

Colorful mystery desserts.

Steamed buns both sweet and savory, so hot and tasty!

Fruits, smoothies, and all the classic Thai dishes you’d hunger for. What you absolutely must order at this market is the stewed pork leg from the lady in cowboy hat.

Normally I don’t eat too much pork, and definitely don’t order it as my main dish, but this is too good for even the finickiest eaters to pass up.

Endlessly tender, succulent, and flavorful – it is well worth seeking out. The stand with a crowd is very obvious if you walk the length of the market and the style of the lady stands.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Nothing like walking the rows of the markets in Thailand!

  2. usfman says:

    The arrangement of vivid color for such cuisine is amazing.

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