Four Islands Tour from Krabi Thailand

When visiting the south of Thailand, a favorite activity is to take a boat ride to other islands! Krabi is a province attached to the mainland on the Andaman Sea, it’s most popular town is Ao Nang right on the beach. There are numerous islands off its coast visible from shore and many day trips offered. You can choose to take a longtail boat which is more affordable and atmospheric – but also more crowded. You could take a speedboat which has less people and is more expensive. You can even rent your own private longtail boat for the day. Prices are negotiable, always see if you can get a better deal. Some tours are more organized than others, some run late, just remember you are in paradise. Go with the flow and enjoy a structured day of sightseeing.

You can see them from in the distance from the sand at Ao Nang beach. The Four Islands Tour is the classic Krabi day trip which brings you to the islands on the horizon.

For this tour we chose to go with a longtail boat. It was December which is high season and the boat was packed! The order of your tour may vary – but the typical destinations visited are Phra Nang Cave Beach, Koh Tub and Koh Mor, Chicken Island, and Koh Poda – along with snorkel stops. Give or take, you get an hour at each spot. As you head away from Ao Nang the scenery is stunning.

Our first stop was Phra Nang Cave Beach.

Technically not an island, but you can’t reach this spot by any road. It is on the other side of Railay Beach, a short ride by boat. It is crowded and there are vendors selling food.

The most bizarre feature of this beach is the obscure Princess (Phranang) Cave. Fishermen believe that the princess of this cave would protect them and leave…interesting offerings.

Another great asset to this beach is found by following the shallow waters of the coast past the cave, to an area ripe for exploring.

The rock formations here are exciting – just make sure you’re keeping relative track of time enough to get back to your boat.

You can always go for the traditional lay on the sand and take a dip method here as well. Next we went to an open water snorkel spot on a reef with plenty of fish. The water is warm and calm, however the clarity and level of trash was not ideal. Keep your eyes peeled as you’re heading from spot to spot – we saw a sea eagle land on a formation in the distance.

Koh Tub and Koh Mor are the islands which have a strip of sand connecting them during low tide.

Our schedule wasn’t on time so we weren’t able to walk it. No matter, this was still an incredibly beautiful place to swim and snorkel.

It was also our lunch spot – find a shady place to picnic. Next up the strange limestone formation dubbed as Chicken Island.

It’s just a drive-by photo-op, but good for a few laughs. Lastly on our trip, Poda Island with its picture perfect postcard worthy limestone karst.

This expansive beach has great shade with its coconut trees and turquoise water so warm you could live in it.

Good to know:

Cost is approximately 400 baht and includes transfer from your hotel, snorkel equipment, lunch, water, some fruit, a guide, and of course the day which runs from around 8AM-3PM. Bring everything you would need for a day at the beach – sunscreen, hat, and towel.

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