Green Spaces of Bangkok: Benjakiti Park

Looking for some exercise or a shady place to relax, Benjakiti Park is a rare space in Bangkok to escape city life.

The parks key element is a large lake with a 1.2 mile perimeter path.

You can rent a bike and also swan boats. There are separate sides for cyclists and joggers – so you don’t need to learn how to say on your left in Thai.

You’ll get a pretty good view of the Sukhumvit neighborhood skyline. Colorful plants give a merry feel and butterflies love them.

Turtles pop to the surface of the lake.

Interesting birds sit on the lawn.

Sit a while and note how many species you see.

In the shade of the adjacent grass there is a playground, pagoda, and a peaceful Buddhist shrine.

With barely anyone inside during midday, this is a much less populated place than Lumpini Park.

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