Green Spaces of Bangkok: Lumpini Park

There aren’t too many trees in Bangkok, a heavily polluted city with nonstop action. Those looking for respite for a bit of fresh air should flock to the largest and oldest park in the city – Lumpini Park, named after the birthplace of Buddha. While there aren’t any dense woods, it is a relaxing place in comparison to the city streets.

Artificial lakes are a great place to look for wildlife. Monitor lizards are frequently seen fishing and sun bathing.

Spy turtles.


There are many sweet feral cats who are happy to keep you company.

And plenty of birds. It’s a whole ecosystem taking shelter in the few acres that they have. For the people of Bangkok there is a really great open air gym filled with all sorts of machines and even free weights.

There are 1.5 miles of paths meandering around the park for biking and jogging. Swan boats are available for rental, fun and a good leg workout.

Some interesting structures are strewn about. A clock tower.

Chinese style pagoda.

Northern Thai-style pavilion.

The park is filled with locals and a few tourists exercising, relaxing, and taking in the view.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Thanks. We did not but watched a girl having fun doing so.

  2. usfman says:

    Clever to include the pigeons in your shot. Did you feed them?

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