Temple Hopping in Bangkok: Wat Pho

The population of Thailand is over 90% Buddhist and there are thousands of temples in Bangkok alone. You could spend days in the city temple hopping! However, some of these sacred places are more grandiose than others, and more worthy of your precious time. Helpful hint: Wat is the Thai word for temple.

Quick facts about Wat Pho:

*Entrance fee is 100 baht, cash

*Opening hours 8:00-6:30

*Best known for its reclining Buddha and massage school


*Dress code enforced, cover legs and shoulders

*Free drinking water

*Visit as early as possible, highly popular attraction

*Watch your belongings carefully in populated areas

*If you would like any historical context hire a guide

*Taxis often will not use the meter in this area


Located just a few minutes walk from the Grand Palace, visiting Wat Pho is an excellent space to follow (it also stands on its own!). Though it is an extremely popular attraction in the city, the temple is much quieter than the palace and more relaxing in contrast. Walking beneath the towering chedis during the late morning it was downright deserted.

It is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, with over 1,000 Buddha images.

There are so many incredible details within this space, you can get lost wandering around the asymmetrical pathways.

Without a doubt the top sight within the complex is the enormous reclining Buddha – whose lays 150’ long and stands 50’ tall.

This monumental icon is one of the biggest Buddhas in the country and takes up the entire temple space! The body is covered in gold leaf, but don’t miss the mesmerizing feet made of mother of pearl.

This Buddha is entering the state of nirvana, an end of all reincarnations. Drop a coin for good luck

If you’re feeling out of sorts from traveling, or just looking to relax in general – the temple is home to a leading school of massage in the country. Thai massages for 30 minutes run for 260 baht, 1 hour for 420 baht. For foot massages 30 minutes for 280 baht and 1 hour for 420 baht.

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