Wildlife viewing on the docks at night in Santa Cruz, Galapagos

If you’re into nightlife, Santa Cruz isn’t going to be your cup of tea. If you’re into wildlife, it’s your sacred morning coffee. Every night after dinner our favorite activity was walking down to the main docks to see what action was going on.

The town lights up the water with blue and green lights every evening so you can see nocturnal activities in the water.

Every time we visited there were little sharks patrolling, hoping to score some of the fish in the schools swimming by.

A lava heron found a strange spot up on a floating platform to dive into the water.

We watched it successfully catch a fish. Huge pufferfish swam close to the surface of the water.

One night sans-camera we even saw a stingray! On land you’ll almost always find slumbering sea lions, keep your distance and respect these wild animals.

Much better than drinking the night away, you never know what you’re going to see at the docks.

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