Minnewaska State Park: Gertrude’s Nose

With its sky lakes, waterfalls, it’s hard to pick where you want to visit within the miles of trails at Minnewaska State Park [5281 Route 44-55, Kerhonkson, NY 12446]. On my most recent visit, I decided to tackle Gertrude’s Nose which is a 7.5 miles loop with 1300’ elevation gain. It is an incredible trail with wildly beautiful and unique views. A good trail map is very useful. Some carriage roads that are wide, flat, and gravel along with some rocky hiking trails.

I began on the familiar Lake Minnewaska trail blazed in red heading towards the MC – Millbrook Mountain Trail – in yellow. Patterson’s pellet is a peculiar sight perched on a cliff, all alone.

This galacial erratic left over from the ice age is a fun landmark. Descending deeply into the woods. Continuing on to the main event – Gertrude’s Nose trail is blazed in red. The quartz escarpment is cut with deep crevices.

Vistas are endless, but steep.

Use cautious while admiring the astounding views.

Be prepared for some light scrambling as you round out the trail and summit Millbrook Mountain. Continue onto the MM – Millbrook Mountain Trail – also yellow (different from the initial one because this is a hiking trail, not a carriage trail). Here we saw loads of vultures,

some caterpillars,

and distant views to Mohonk Mountain.

Hike back towards the far side of Lake Minnewaska trail to round out your trip.

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