Glazed Over Donuts, Beacon NY

I am not one for trends, except for trendy donuts. I’m totally about trendy donuts, because donuts are delicious. Not all donuts are made equally, however. With many shops putting on toppings such as cereal or pretzels, you may find that the moisture is sucked out of them leaving the taste just wrong. Glazed Over Donuts [315 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508] has the fix for that problem, executing the trend flawlessly.

Make your donuts fresh to order, leaving no time for the ingredients to wilt. You can see the processes if you head to the back.

But first, you’ll want to figure out what to order. It can be overwhelming because there are so many choices, you could make hundreds of variations. I enjoy the creative freedom. Take your clipboard to the side and figure out what it is you want on each donut.

Choose one glaze including options such as caramel, peanut butter, hazelnut chocolate, and lemon. One topping ranging from bacon, marshmallows, fruity pebbles, to coconut. Last but not least, pick your drizzle which could be grape jelly, raspberry, or salted chocolate caramel. Yum. My favorite concoctions? Lemon glazed with fruity pebbles and raspberry drizzle…along with a simple glazed donut with oreos and caramel drizzle.

What would you choose? Other menu items include donut ice cream sandwiches and donut sundaes. Located right on Main Street, a great place to sit down and indulge after walking around town and shopping.

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  1. Tess Lecuyer says:

    This looks AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing this!

    If you are looking for another small treasure to explore and share, there is an amazing art show at the Spring Street Gallery (110 Spring St in Saratoga Springs) that includes paintings video, and photos of a small non-profit camp, Camp Little Notch. It is small but powerful! The show will be up until Nov 25th. A digital version is on Camp Little Notch’s FB page.

    Thank you for finding places for me to explore!
    Mmmm. Donuts.

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