MosaiCanada 150, Gatineau Quebec

There is something endless magical about a topiary garden, nature springing into imaginative forms.

Seeing images of MosaiCanada [Jacques-Cartier Park, south end 164, Laurier street, Gatineau (Quebec) J8X 3V8] sparked my intrigue to visit the Ottawa/Gatineau area – and a lovely long weekend blossomed from there.

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary as an independent nation right across the river from the capital city is a dazzling display of art and horticulture. Hop aboard the train to a dream like topiary extravaganza.

There are forty arrangements that explore Canada’s history, values, culture, and arts.

A single path winds around these sculptures, just over half a mile long.

I marveled at the puffins, smiling back to days spent breathing in the fresh Nova Scotia air.

Smiled thinking back to visiting Vancouver and learning about the first nations cultures.

Even Anne of Green Gables made an appearance, helping me remembering my time on rural Prince Edward Island.

From the popular puck passing pastime,

to the Mounties that enforce the law of the land,

classic images of Canadian culture from every corner of the country are artfully crafted. I’ve never seen anything quite like this vibrant show – a must see, only once in 150 years does an event like this occur!

Good to know:

+Admission is free

+Display runs through October 15th

+It isn’t too difficult to find free street parking if you’re willing to walk a few blocks

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