Satisfying your Sweet Tooth in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

OddFellows, 175 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

It’s ice cream season and there is nothing that makes me happier than a scoop on the hot streets of the city. What’s great about this shop is their funky homemade flavors, made in small batches which change frequently – even sometimes within the same day. What are some variations you can expect to find? Chorizo Caramel Swirl, shout out to one of my favorite farms!!! Battenkill Sweet Cream, corn bread, purple rice, Sesame Kumquat Pumpernickel, EVOO, Beet Goat Cheese & Candied Pistachio, butter, foie gras, Thai iced cream, Tobacco Smoked Chili & Huckleberry, Cedar Creamsicle, Prosciutto Mellon, Carmalized Onion, and so many more. Excuse the long list – I just love the bizarre ideas! The staff was so relaxed with me wanting to try almost every flavor and if you happen to fall in love with more than a few, they offer flights. You can also get a decadent brioche bun ice cream sandwich. I was in for just a small cup, two scoops: Banana pudding and Choco torta.

It was phenomenal. So was the walk down to the waterfront park with a sweeping skyline view, just a block away.

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There is an East Village Manhattan location open as well.

Milk Bar, 382 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Having a great variety of snacks works as a crowd pleaser, bring all your friends so you can take a bite of what they order! Don’t plan on lingering though, the storefront is tiny! I wanted to see what their cereal milk soft serve was all about, so I request a sample and it is dead on in flavor. Not exceedingly sweet, truly tasting of what is left at the bottom of your bowl after eating cereal – a blast back to childhood.

Would recommend for people who don’t love anything too sugary tasting. I however, love sweets! I had the itch and needed to get my hands on that infamous crack pie.

Quickly procured in a neat little package, and cool to the touch. It was refreshing on a hot day and the little slice was gone way too soon. Gooey, butter, sweet, it melted in my mouth and I was addicted! There are also cookies (including gluten/dairy free options), truffles, milk quakes and shakes, even… fancy shakes. Stop by for happy hour, 5-7PM, and get a deal on a fancy shake which is an adult only treat. A cereal milk white Russian sounds absurdly delicious. There are several locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, also in DC, Vegas, and Toronto.

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