Mundo Alpaca, Arequipa Peru

Get up close and personal with llama and alpaca at this fun and free attraction! Mundo Alpaca is set away from the historic district in Arequipa, but it’s worth the walk if you’re an animal lover. In the front is a store where you can buy high quality alpaca clothing, much different from everything you’ll see walking around the souvenir shops in town.

In the back an employee will take you over to the pen where you can actually feed the camelids!

Who knew these creatures came in so many different colors, sizes, and shapes!
You can really learn the difference between llama and alpaca here, and there are charts to help you further understand. The hungry crew made us laugh endlessly, I loved to feed them all. However, there was a certain llama that enjoyed photobombing every picture, he had to get some extra love.

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When you are finished dispersing your greens you walk through an exhibit on sorting and weaving the fiber.

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There is also a textile machinery museum and an art gallery, but that was closed at the time we were there. It was a fun little diversion and great to get out of the historic district to see another part of town, called San Lázaro – where the city was founded.

Why visit?

+Interaction with alpaca and llama

+Informational tour of how textiles are made with alpaca fur

+Support a local business

And remember, it’s free!

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