Museum of Death, Los Angeles

Twas the night before Halloween and mischievous spirits were amuck, there could be no better time to visit the Museum of Death [6031 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028].

Really though, any day would be perfect for visiting the museum because it’s entirely fascinating. People find allure in the idea of a serial killer, what would drive a person to act in such a way? So many people were obsessed with watching the show Dexter or horror movies for that reason. Inside you’ll find an array of artifacts from the most famous of serial killers, Manson, Blue Bear, Heaven’s Gate Cult, and Dahlia to ones you’ve never heard of. Most terrifying to me? The actual clown drawings of John Wayne Gasey. I would have put a picture here, but none are allowed inside so you’ll have to go and see for yourself. There are plenty of examples of serial killer artwork, harrowing. It’s not all about serial killers, but also rooms dedicated to funerals, executions, taxidermy, suicides, and cemetery boxes.

You’ll find information about famous folk ranging from OJ Simpson to Elvis and Cobain. You could spend hours in here reading all of the accounts and details, watching every movie, and lucky for you there is free parking too. Don’t forget to take a good look at the 21-year-old two headed turtle in the gift shop, you can actually take a picture of him.

Seems like common sense, but there’s some very gruesome material in here so I would suggest not bringing the kids to this one. Price is steep for adults so if you are a student make sure to ask for the discount!

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