Big Sur Bakery, California

There aren’t too many places to grab a bite on the road, but even if the road wasn’t so beautiful – I’d still make my way to Big Sur Bakery [47540 CA-1, Big Sur, CA 93920].

They were about to close shop for the day and we snuck in a last order – whatever they had, and it was all delicious! A bacon bowtie was a tiny protein boost with a seriously big yum factor.

The bacon was cooked perfectly and the bakers are pastry gods. This may be one of the best bacon infused pastries I have ever eaten. Then to even it out, two fruity pastries. One strawberry and one plum! They were both delectable, but you don’t often find plum pastries, so the rarity made it even more special.

Ahh, coupled with the lush green view and fresh air – what could be better? Refuel and enrich your trip to Big Sur with a truly tasty snack.

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