Pinnacles National Park, California

A morning drive down a country road led us to something quite unexpected. Pinnacles National Park [5000 Hwy 146 Paicines, CA 95043] is another lesser known spot, but nevertheless breathtaking and adventure filled. Entering the park you’ll notice the namesake bumbling pinnacles, unique and obscure.

While Pinnacles has over 30 miels of trails, with just a short amount of time to explore we decided to take the premiere Moses Spring Trail. The rock formations are simply stunning – you can’t beat this scenery.

The park is known for its talus caves and this trail meanders through the Bear Gulch cave. Be sure to have a flashlight or better yet, headlamp – it gets dark inside.

You won’t find totally darkness inside however, there are cracks that let the light in.

At under two and a half miles, this was an exceptional warm up trail to start the day with. Be sure to check the National Parks website, as caves can close due to storms and seasonally. The park is also popular with rock climbers.

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