Pinball in Portland, Oregon

Quarter World, 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215

Spy the retro neon blinking sign and you’ve made it. Free side street parking, but there is a cover charge to enter, so I guess the two balanced each other out. Overall I loved the vibe of this place. It’s huge, there are multiple rooms filled with pinball and arcade games – black light art, videos projected on the wall, it’s really good.

There is a bar with food service, live music and even a little dance floor! I’m not here for dancing, though. I’m about the pinball. The machines were great, and there were quite a few I’d never played before like Bone Busters, Centaur, Game Show, and a new favorite – Congo!

For the whole package which is like a club for gamers, it’s an amazing place to spend a night.

Ground Kontrol, 511 NW Couch St, Portland, OR 97209

Located in Chinatown it can be a bit difficult to find a spot, but we lucked out and got one right on the corner. After our IDs were checked, we got come in and explore the two floors worth of pinballs and arcade games.

Some of my favorite games like Simpsons, Sopranos, Spiderman, and Metallica were present. The crowd was great and there is a bar to get drinks. After a few drinks, make sure to visit the REALLY COOL BATHROOM.

I love it when a place has a funky bathroom, attention to detail is important.


Pinball and Donuts?! Visit Voodoo Doughnuts Too, 1501 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232 for the best of both worlds. Read more on my DONUTS post.

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