Dining on Donuts in Portland, Oregon

Blue Star Donuts is a refined gourmet donut shop with interesting variations and high quality ingredients.

They use a classic brioche recipe and the dough takes 18 hours to make.

Their slogan is Donuts for Grownups, but bring any kid in here and they will go bananas, these donuts are still sweet and delicious dessert. There are multiple locations throughout the city, also in Los Angeles and Tokoyo. At the location on 23rd ave there was a minimalist design and a few seats to stuff your donuts down and watch the people walk by shopping and sometimes noticing you, wishing that they too were scoffing a donut. There are so many tempting flavors on display like passion fruit cocoa nib and crème brulee, I had to ask for some assistance. The employee offered that the blueberry bourbon basil is a very popular choice, and I can never resist when I see a horchata flavor. So there we had it, our donuts for the day.

Crackling glaze, soft and light, yes this are truly wonderful donuts. On to spot number two. If you know one thing about Portland, Oregon it’s probably Voodoo Doughnuts. A wildly popular franchise known for their racy shaped and named desserts, for years I dreamed of trying them when I finally made it to the city. As I grew as a person I cared more about the quality of items and the places where is spend my time. As I looked more closely into Voodoo I started to see bad reviews online and that other donut companies were said to be better. To be honest, I almost skipped going completely. On our last morning in the city I thought, am I really going to listen to these people on the internet and not visit this colorful crazy image of Portland? There was a location not too far from our AIRBNB which is known to have shorter lines: Voodoo Doughnut Too [1501 NE Davis St, Portland, OR 97232].

Early on a weekend morning, we got in just before a crowd came and didn’t have to wait a minute. I knew I made the right decision instantly when I saw the absurd stained glass panel window (I looove stained glass!).

AND…and…AAAND!!! There are two great PINBALL machines here, Wizard of Oz and Walking Dead.

You just can’t knock the atmosphere. But the donuts, hmm. We looked in the rotating display case.

I had already had a heaping portion of yogurt moments before we stopped in, and wasn’t starving. I knew I needed to try the iconic voodoo doll donut, but what about the other? The ODB sure looked good with oreo chunks and peanut butter drizzle, and the voodoo bubble was certainly eye catching with its bubblegum pink frosting and a double bubble plopped in the middle! When it came down to a maple blazer blunt covered in cinnamon sugar dipped in maple frosted with red sprinkles was the choice for us, it seemed breakfast-y and light enough. We brought our bounty back to a table to assess.

Verdict: Why on earth would someone hate on these donuts!? They are delicious! The voodoo doll had such a good and rich cocoa flavor and a truly fruity blood-raspberry jelly inside.

Plus it is so darn kitschy! The maple blazer was light as I’d hoped for and totally tasty. Plus, this is a whole experience and I’m glad I was a part of it. I love donuts, I love kitsch, I love Voodoo! PS, cash only. No matter where you choose to get your donuts in Portland, just go because, donuts are delectable!

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