Lions Head Hike, Salisbury CT

If you’re looking for a roaring good time, it’s just over the border of Massachusetts’s Berkshires region into northwestern Connecticut. Lions Head Hike [84 Bunker Hill Road Salisbury, CT] is a perfect little hike full of excitement and ever changing scenery. It is a two mile roundtrip hike, up 541 feet of elevation. You will work up a bit of a sweat, but if you are in decent shape you can handle this! Spy the parking lot and head out onto the trail.

lions_head_salisbury_ct_5Pass a gorgeous meadow and the fun begins.

lions_head_salisbury_2A quick jaunt through the woods and you’ll pop back out to see the path you’ll be taking, yes, that’s the lion’s head in front.

lions_head_salisbury_1Looks a bit more like a cub to me! There were so many beautiful wildflowers and interesting flora on my September visit.

lions_head_salisbury_ctSoon enough you will hit a junction with private property, be respectful and you should easily spot the sign pointing you in the direction of the trail.

lions_head_salisbury_ct_9You’ll start to notice blue markers and begin picking up elevation.

lions_head_salisbury_ct_6At the first junction keep heading up hill, then you’ll start noticing white markers. You are now on the Appalachian Trail.

lions_head_salisbury_ct_7At the final junction, you have a choice. Take the white for a short steep scramble or the blue for a slower amble. Either way you’ll find a scraggly pine with a marker attached to it, you’ve made it to the top of the lion’s head!

lions_head_salisbury_9Go on and check out the view.

lions_head_salisbury_3Absolutely beautiful, and just a mile to get to this viewpoint. How many miles would your loudest roar project? Head back the way you came, the meadow looked just as beautiful on the return.

lions_head_salisbury_ct_8A lovely little hike to add some nature, cardio, and adventure to your day.

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