Pulaski Bridge, from Brooklyn to Queens

If you’re visiting a bridge in Brooklyn, Pulaski probably isn’t the first one that will pop into your head. However, if you’ve already been to the Brooklyn Bridge and you’re seeking a new structure, you might be surprised at what you see on the Pulaski Bridge. It connects Long Island City in Queen to Greenpoint in Brooklyn over the Newtown Creek and was named for a Polish American Revolutionary war commander, Kazimierz Pulaski. If you’ve ever walked through the Greenpoint neighborhood you have probably noticed all of the Polish bakeries and different eastern European language, there is certainly a large Polish population. Find the specific pedestrian entrance to bridge and get walking, it spans 2,810 feet!

pluaski_bridge_greenpointWhen I walked on last year the very narrow path was shared between cyclists and pedestrians, making a bit of an uncomfortable walk for all parties.

pulaski_bridge_brooklyn_3However, a new and separate bike path opened up just this past spring! Fancy that, so now you can walk with ease and enjoy those majestic views of the city.

pulaski_bridge_brooklyn_2Yes, spying between the chain links affords a whole assortment of treasures.

pulaski_bridgeStay for sunset to watch the details of a city skyline fade to a simple silhouette.pulaski_bridge_brooklynWhichever direction you’re headed, enjoy the journey.

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