Brooklyn Art Library

One part art supplies store, one part gallery, one part library – all parts absolutely awesome. I had no idea how enthralled I would become with the Brooklyn Art Library [28 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211] in Williamsburg when my friend dragged me inside, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

brooklyn_art_libraryHave you ever heard of The Sketchbook Project? There are thousands of these little books lining the walls from artists all over the world.

brooklyn_art_library_2The books are individually cataloged with searchable details – so you can look up virtually any subject of interest. A staff member will help you create a library card so you can start searching. It’s fun to test words, whatever pops in your head first! Everything I tried worked ranging from the beach,

brooklyn_art_library_1to Australia…

brooklyn_art_library_3and of course end on cats.

sketch_book_project_8I could imagine being entirely engulfed in the cozy little space, enjoying the careful creativity of strangers from who knows where, I would slowly begin to understand and appreciate.

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