Bennington Battle Monument, Vermont

After learning all about the Battle of Bennington, it was only natural to take a hop, skip, and a jump just under 10 miles over the border into Vermont to visit the commemorative Bennington Battle Monument [15 Monument Cir, Bennington, VT 05201].

bennington_battle_monumentThe 306 foot obelisk is the tallest structure in the state of Vermont.

bennington_battle_monument_2Through the end of October you can take a ride to the top to get a pretty spectacular view.

bennington_battle_monument_8From this height you can see into three states, guess which ones?! Walking around the four walls there are maps which will point out sites of interest.

bennington_battle_monument_3In my excitement to get to the top, I almost blew right past the exhibit at the bottom. Don’t make that mistake! You will find some interesting artifacts such as General Burgoynes soup kettle and information about the battle.

bennington_battle_monument_6Outside on the lawn there are additional monuments. With my newly found knowledge I was happy to see General John Stark.

bennington_battle_monument_7Also, check out the great moose. Bennington has a lot of these beauties.

If you’ve got battlefield fever and visit Saratoga Battlefield, you might be pleased to know they have a great monument there as well.

Answer: Vermont, New York, Massachusetts.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Haha, keep reading and you’ll find the answer!!!!!

  2. War Emblem says:

    “From this height you can see into three states, guess which ones?! ”

    Hawaii, Indiana and Florida. But only on a very clear day.

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