Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob, Lake George

I was looking for a light hike near Lake George, as we had a lot of other engagements for the day, Schumann Preserve at Pilot Knob [Pilot Knob Rd, Fort Ann, NY 12827] was the perfect compromise.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_1This is a very popular spot. It’s kid friendly, close to the village, and has a really great pay off for minimal exertion. The little lot was full, but cars were parking along the side of the road so we joined them. It’s a lollypop hike and you start gaining some mild elevation (625’ ascent in total), follow the reddish orange markers.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knobSoon enough you’ll reach the junction for the loop portion.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_2We turned right and sped on up, definitely working up a bit of a sweat on a hot Summer’s day. We were thankful it was shaded for most of the hike, which kept us a bit cooler Once you make it above the tree line, you’re almost there.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_5At the top there is a gazebo which overlooks Lake George. It was filled with a family who was enjoying the view.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_3We took a quick look out, it was mighty pretty.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_7Then we wandered off to the side to find a quieter viewing space. I actually liked this one better with all of the contrasting goldenrod (and serenity).

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_6Completing the loop trail is just under two miles. There is an option to extend your hike to a waterfall.

schumann_-preserve_pilot_knob_4However, as I suspected, a lady told me the waterfall was nonexistent after the dry summer we have had. So we skipped it, for some other time. We continued down the other side of the loop and quickly made it back down the road, satisfied with the little adventure.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Must have made a lot of mud!

  2. War Emblem says:

    This “dry” summer included a massive thunderstorm about three-four weeks ago that shut down the Saratoga horse racing track for the latter half of its “card.” Since they would do anything to avoid this (no racing, no $), one can imagine what havoc & deep pools of water had been created by the time the storm let up.

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