All Things Oz Museum, Chittenango NY

The Wizard of Oz holds a special place in our culture and in many of our hearts. When I would go over to visit my grandparents there was a rotation of movies I had to choose from: Imitation of Life, The Omega Man, and the Wizard of Oz. Two out of three times I’d pick Dorothy. I love those memories cuddling up with my grandparents watching talking lions, flying monkeys, and an emerald city – a movie that transcends generations. Recently I discovered that Central New York was actually the birthplace of the Wizard of Oz. Small world! So without a doubt a stop by the All Things Oz Museum [219 Genesee St, Chittenango, NY] was going to be a part of my most recent CNY road trip.

all_things_oz_museumLyman Frank Baum from Chittenango, NY wrote the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Enter the museum to read about his life and works.

all_things_oz_museum_chittenango_nyThe wonderful volunteers will be happy to share their knowledge with you. There is interesting trivia provided on how characters and places were named. You’ll find background stories of your favorite characters and actors.

all_things_oz_museum_chittenangoGenuine munchkin costumes (and life stories about the munchkins are on display),

all_things_oz_museum_2as well Glinda’s dress from the play Wicked (written by an Albany, NY native).

wizard_of_oz_museumAlso, did you know that the Cowardly Lion costume was made from fifty pounds of actual lion skin? A sad, but true fact. There are plenty of artifacts and memorabilia, movies to watch, and a great gift shop to peruse.

all_things_oz_museum_chittenango_8Don’t forget to take a great Oz photo-op before you leave!

all_things_oz_museum_1For super Oz fans there are plenty of spots related to the author and his family. Nearby you can see the house where Baum met his wife Maud Gage, The Baum-Neal House 678 W. Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY.

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  1. War Emblem says:

    Bert Lahr went to Hollywood to play the part of the Cowardly Lion. He succeeded beyond all of his wildest, most cynical dreams. But his peculiar success was also his undoing. There was no call for someone to be type-cast as a cowardly lion in other future films, and, unfortunately for him, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” was a long way off in the future.

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