Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome [9 Norton Rd, Red Hook, NY 12571] is a living museum for aviation enthusiasts home to numerous aircrafts from 1900-1939.

old_rhinbeck_aerodromeThe exhibit here is truly magnificent, enter the hangars and marvel at the planes, read about their historical context, and watch the evolution towards modern flight unfold.

old_rhinbeck_aerodrome_1Seeing the recreation of the recreated Wright brothers plane was pretty amazing, my passion for travel has a direct correlation to their creation.

old_rhinbeck_aerodrome_3I loved all of the colorfully painted planes and different building materials, especially those with a wooden finish.

old_rhinbeck_aerodrome_5It is also incredible that there is a 100% accurate recreation of the Spirit of St. Louis, the plane which took the first solo nonstop trans-Atlantic flight.

old_rhinbeck_aerodrome_2On weekends there are air shows, Saturdays WWI, Pioneer era, and 1920’s and on Sunday WWII demonstrations.

air_show_rhinebeckThere are also biplane rides available for a hefty price.

bi_plane_ridePlanes aren’t one of my top interests, but if you have a love for history and human ingenuity, you will definitely appreciate this museum.

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