Indian Head and Twin Mountains, Catskills

Abridged version: Indian Head and Twin Mountains [1 Prediger Road Elka Park, NY 12427 – follow Prediger to the end of the road until the DEC parking lot], two of the Catskill 35 over 3,500, can be hiked in an 8.4 mile loop. Follow the red trail up to the summit of Indian, then through to the summit of Twin. Retrace your steps back to the blue trail junction and take that down the mountain. Eventually you will rejoin with the red trail, where you were at the beginning of the hike, and return to the lot on Prediger Road.

indian_head_mountain_catskillsOkay, now for the details. Your hike will begin at a relaxed pace. You may even laugh at the playful positioning of rocks.

indian_head_mountain_catskills_1Soon enough you’ll cease to giggle and start seriously ascending. I knew I was making great gains not from the amount of sweat on my brow, but when I peeped my first view of the mountains. So much more where that came from. I also loved the flowers and changes in the forest.

indian_head_mountain_catskills_2Not too long from there the first jaw-dropping Catskill view comes into play.

indian_head_mountain_catskills_3Appreciate it, because the most strenuous stretch of the day is ahead!

indian_head_mountain_catskills_4It’s almost a vertical scramble, but there are some sturdy rocks and roots to hoist yourself up with. Plus, there is an additional exceptional vista waiting to revive your spirits when you get up there!
indian_head_mountain_catskills_5Heading up just a bit further from there, I blazed right past the actual summit of Indian Head because the view wasn’t as great as the previous lookouts, I knew Twin was where the real stunner was. Continuing I woefully lost some elevation, knowing I would have to make it up soon enough. There were some cool sights along the way, more wildflowers, a feather, and a little snake.

twin_mountain_catskillsIt was all worth it when we got to that view, miles and miles of mountains – every shade of blue and green.

twin_mountain_catskills_1This is a perfect spot to break for lunch, you can’t beat the sight and there is ample sitting room. It isn’t the actual summit, just a bit further to get there. It’s a small ledge and you might as well hike to bag the summit, but you will not be as wowed as the previous overlook when you get there.

twin_mountain_catskills_2Remember which way you came from (take the left trail) and head back down till you get to the blue junction, make your way down the steep trail, back to the red and then the road.

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