Huckleberry Point, Catskills

If it looks like an adventure and sounds like an adventure, it must be so. Off to Huckleberry Point [half a mile past 2425 Platte Clove Rd, Elka Park, NY 12427] we go! To add some mystique to your adventure, you won’t find big blinking signs telling you that you’re in the right place. Look for the small DEC sign that points to a snowmobile trail, and head up the hill to park.

huckleberry_point_catskills_5Once again, the trailhead will say nothing, but bravely head onward knowingly guided.

huckleberry_point_catskills_4To red and blue stay true. On yellow turn right, my good fellow. Remember these words and you will find Huckleberry Point at the end of the road. The hike is 4.5 miles roundtrip, an out and back that has very minimal elevation gains when compared to the payoff – it’s a great starter hike. Huff and puff a bit heading up the hill staying on the blue trail, often accompanied by red.

huckleberry_point_catskills_3The path through the woods is wide and there is a creek far below on your right. Keep with it until you get to the junction with the yellow trail, and there turn right.

huckleberry_point_catskills_Soon you will come to a stream crossing, the water was very shallow and easy to pass even in April.

huckleberry_point_catskillsHead up a bit more before taking a steeper downward turn, on a clear day you can make out the blue mountains in the distance.

huckleberry_point_catskills_1You’re almost there! Out of the woods emerges Huckleberry Point, the hike wasn’t so strenuous though the views are absolutely stupendous.

huckleberry_point_elka_park huckleberry_point_elka_park_This is quite a popular trail, but we were lucky enough to have the ledge all to ourselves for a good fifteen minutes between groups of visitors. Well, we didn’t mind sharing with a cute and curious chipmunk.

huckleberry_point_catskills_2So whether you’re an avid hiker or just out for taste of the Catskills, undertake the quest to Huckleberry Point for lavish views into the valley!

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