Shindig, Woodstock Eats

It’s funny how you can walk by something however many times and never notice it’s there. That was my story with Shindig [1 Tinker St, Woodstock, NY 12498], until one faithful afternoon when it finally appeared to me. It’s right in the center of town with a kitschy muted storefront.

shindig_woodstock_3We walked in and the place was packed at lunchtime on a lovely weekend day, but the wait wasn’t too long – and it was totally worth it. We got a prime window seat and people watched, a great thing to do in Woodstock, as we waited for our order to come out. Jeff went for a special, the cowboy turkey burger with buttermilk fried shallots, cheddar, bacon, and bbq sauce.

shindig_woodstock_Finally, a burger I would actually take a bite out of!! It was incredible, so many different flavors and everything was so fresh. I was a little jealous I didn’t go for it myself until I took a bite of my own sandwich – which was equally as mouthwatering. I went for the veggie melt which had zucchini, squash, roasted peppers, arugula, pesto, and I swapped out goat cheese (I hate it!) for fontina (I love it!). Bread was buttery and griddled, the cheese was perfectly melty, and it was full of yummy veggies.

shindig_woodstock_1An adorable vibrant side of pickled veggies was a great accompaniment and very refreshing. The sandwiches weren’t huge, they were properly sized for a lunch portion, but we’re piggies sometimes (plus there are so many places around to hike it off!). We decided to split a dessert with our lunch and went with the suggestion of our waitress, the pecan pie.

shindig_woodstock_2It was a unique and amazing creature, beautifully presented. The crust was thick, but soft and broke apart with ease. The pecans were plenty and filling was moist. Nothing was for show. The whipped cream tasted home made and the chocolate shavings exuded a rich cocoa flavor. It was filling and seriously good. We walked right around the corner to Tannery Brook Road to check out the little Waterfall Park, a minute away from the restaurant, on the way back to our car.

waterfall_park_woodstockWoodstock is full of so many hidden delights!

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