Tanbark Trail, Phoenicia Hike

If you want to take a great hike in the Catskills with rewarding views, but you aren’t into climbing up a mountain, a trip to Phoenicia is in order. The Tanbark Trail [8 Ava Maria Dr, Phoenicia, NY 12464] starts beside the red bench on the far side of Phoenicia Park, a large field with a little playground.

tanbark_trail_phoeniciaIt is 2.3 miles and you will gain 800 feet of elevation. This is indeed a hike, not just a walk in the park. It is steep and has loose gravel in certain areas, so wear sturdy shoes. As you begin ascending you’ll notice some really interesting rocks above, soon enough you will actually be right under them!tanbark_trail_phoenicia_nyWith a closer look you may see tons of circular pockets, the work of wind erosion. Another interesting stone was discovered, weeping.

tanbark_trail_phoenicia_parkThere is a lot of signage here and if you read it, you will find that this area was a quarry and these stones were used to pave NYC. After a short while you will begin a loop.

tanbark_trail_phoenicia_1Here you will climb up, heart pumping, to a beautiful mountainous vista high above the town of Phoenicia!

tanbark_trail_phoenicia_3Let that soak in and continue on through the woods, following a meandering stream.

tanbark_trail_phoenicia_2You’ll find some other views along the way and before too long, begin your descent back to where you started. I promised myself a go at the climby spider web in the playground once I was finished.

phoenicia_park_You get some great views from the top here, as well! What a fantastic interesting and historical little trail right beside town.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Sweet Sues pancakes are the best! So many fun options. Didn’t make it there on the day I hiked the trail, had a great lunch Woodstock which I’ll be posting about tomorrow.

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for the tip. Hope you stopped for the pancakes at Sweet Sues. Best in the state some say.

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