Coopers Cave Ale Company, Glens Falls

After a long day of running around, but not yet ready to quit, we were in Glens Falls and looking for a place to relax. Cooper’s Cave Ale Company [2 Sagamore St, Glens Falls, NY 12801] fit the bill and had some tasty libations to boot.

coopers_cave_glens_fallsA cozy table and friendly service, we felt right at home. Although we weren’t hungry the menu looked appetizing, next time! Local photographs and art lined the walls, at our table was a picture of the namesake Cooper’s Cave.

coopers_cave_ale_company_The cave itself happens to be nearby and you can visit it. If you are a fan of James Fenimore Cooper’s famous tale “The Last of the Mohicans” you may love this spot even more. Many years ago we went to the Cooper’s Cave overlook and walk. We spotted the cave, the waterfall from the hydroelectric plant, and an albino squirrel!

coopers_cave_overlookIt’s well worth a stop if you’re in the area. This day Jeff went for a flight of beers, six 5oz glasses for $10.

coopers_cave_beerThey were great, we particularly loved the blueberry. With a long drive ahead of us I only sipped a taste of his beers and decided to get a soda myself. Sodas (along with beers) are made on premises and are absolutely amazing! So many flavors to choose from: birch beer, butter beer, sarsaparilla, grape, chocolate, spicy hot ginger beer…I was having a hard time. You could get a soda sampler of six 5oz glasses for $5, but that would have equated to a ridiculous sugar high on your own. I had to decide and went with the wild cherry cream – it was the perfect choice.

coopers_cave_sodaSweet and bubbly with a deep cherry flavor, I was completely content and had a great sugar high for the drive back. This is a fun option for parents who want enjoy a beer tasting where the kiddo’s won’t be left out! Or simply kids at heart (like myself!) who want to drink some pop.

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