Crazy Bowlz, Kingston Eats

There are so many fusion joints popping up, a testament to our globalized melting pot culture. These restaurants are great for those nights when you just don’t know what you want to eat – because you can have a variety of things! Crazy Bowlz [301 Frank Sottile Blvd, Kingston, NY 12401] is a casual spot that melds Asian and Mexican cuisine under one happy roof.

crazy_bowlz_kingston_9The restaurant is situated in a Walmart parking lot, which is unique, don’t let it put you off. Inside is a wide open space with cozy seating.

crazy_bowls_kingston_888You cue up on line and order. What to drink? You have many options including booze, bubble tea, or complimentary hot tea.

crazy_bowls_kingston_33Are you going to get an appetizer? You should because the lotus buns are fantastic. The Chinese steamed buns come in sets of three ‘taco style.’ We tried the braised pork belly which was so good, I could have had all three to myself.

crazy_bowls_kingston_4The buns were fresh, meat was savory, sauce sweet, and peanuts crunchy. Excellent. When it comes to the main course, there are so many combinations, what to get? The staff is patient and helpful. First you must decide between rice, stir-noodles, soup-noodles, or salad bowlz. Then you must pick which culture your bowl should represent. Lastly you need to choose your protein. Jeff went with a chicken salad which came with a creamy Thai sweet chili dressing and a crunchy bag of wonton strips. He gobbled it up.

crazy_bowls_kingston_111If you decide on a noodle bowl like I did, you’ll have to make an extra decision. What noodle do you want, lo mein, thin rice, cantonese, or shanghai flour noodles? The rice noodles were hot and excellent, buried underneath succlent shrimp,  fresh veggies such as bok choy, bean sprout, cucumber, scallion, cilantro, and a perfectly cooked egg mixed with a sweet tangy sauce. Loved it! As an added bonus we got a view of the sun setting over the mountains from the window inside.

crazy_bowls_kingston_2This place is relaxed, affordable, has great food, service, and a view! What more can you ask for? We were happy customers.

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