Vischer Ferry General Store, Rexford Eats

I know there weren’t too many freezing cold or snowy days this winter. I am happy for that fact. We did have a handful of days where it felt good to cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa, and one afternoon I did just that at Vischer Ferry General Store [357 Riverview Rd, Rexford, NY 12148]. I loved the drive there along the scenic byway, and we were sure ready to duck into a warm spot after a nice little nearby hike. My cozy started when I first set eyes on the place.

vischer_ferry_general_store_1New, clean, crisp, and classic. I couldn’t wait to get inside. Upon entering I felt pulled in every direction with the urgent need to assess each fine detail. The food prepared, items stocked, decorations, and structure of the space were all flawless. I was only inside for a second, but loved this place already. Calming myself, I went to the counter and decided to order first. Looking into the counter I knew I had to get something sweet with my sandwich and cocoa.

vischer_ferry_general_store_5I placed my order and had my look around. It’s a hipster dream world with a dash of lavish country lifestyle. Men can pick up their shaving materials, ladies can get a new lotion. Almost everything had a bird, fox, cat, or some woodsy animal on it. Special home goods such as candles or terrariums are available. There are all sorts of adorable trinkets and gift items.

vischer_ferry_general_store_They have the cutest assortment of baby clothes on a little table, which was ideal because we needed just that. We went home with a hedgehog onesie for a friend which was wrapped up nicely. Each item careful chosen, and you can bet the food is as thoughtful as the merchandise. Where to sit? There is a long large table and a couple of window seats, not too big inside, but roomy enough on an off hour.

vischer_ferry_general_store_6Our waitress set everything out for us, the service was fantastic. We both got turkey Panini’s and they were simple and scrumptious.

vischer_ferry_general_store_3A cup of cocoa, Dutch drinking chocolate to be exact, was so comforting. It was the perfect temperature, and wasn’t terribly sweet, but absolutely rich and satisfying. I hadn’t had marshmallows all winter, so I was extra excited.

vischer_ferry_general_store_4I knew when I set eyes on the meringue in that counter, it had to be mine! My first meringue. I loved the firm texture that melts in your mouth, and it went seamlessly with the cocoa. What a lovely relaxing little lunch. Just when we thought we were finished, the chef came over with a little sample of banana bread.

vischer_ferry_general_store_2Life couldn’t be sweeter. It was perfectly moist and yummy. Whether you’re coming in for lunch, a little something sweet, or just for shopping don’t miss a trip to this fabulous general store.

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  1. Raji says:

    Recent new addition to sweet and spicy treats at Fischer Ferry General Store ~ try Raji’s Divine Delights Coconut Confections or Spicy Sunflower Seeds. They are Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan. Confections are sweetened only with pure maple syrup and there are 4 varieties – Cashew, Cacao, Strawberry, Mango and Blueberry. The Spicy Sunflower Seeds are spiced with East Indian spices and little of chili pepper for a bit of a kick.

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