Elm Street Market, Bennington Eats

Almost every neighborhood has a market along with their police station, library, and school. The market is usually just a staple for the townies, not a draw for visitors. The Elm Street Market [251 Elm St, Bennington, VT 05201] takes something as simple as a neighborhood market and elevates it to something special which is a pleasure for those who live near by, and a treat for those passing through.

elm_street_market_What makes this market so special? Maybe it’s the classic tiled floor and the brightly colored merchandise.

elm_street_market_bennington_vermontThe merchandise itself is more than just colorful, many items are locally sourced and regionally appropriate. They certainly don’t skimp on the maple products in Vermont. However, I didn’t come to do grocery shopping or pick up any knick-knacks. I came because I was hungry after hiking a mountain and I wanted a sandwich, a special sandwich, and I heard this market makes them well. So after assessing the mouthwatering menu, we both decided to get the ESM. Jeff got his the classic way, with roast beef, caramelized onions, and honey horseradish on a pretzel bun. I got switched out the beef for turkey and went with the same jazz.

ESM_benningtonThis was a mountain of a sandwich, hungry us couldn’t even finish the whole thing (it was great later for dinner). As you might guess, that pretzel bun was nothing short of amazing. The Boar’s Head deli meats were fresh. I loved the caramelized onions and horseradish spread, what excellent flavors. And a pickle to top it all off! So when in Bennington, visit the neighborhood market for a seriously scrumptious sandwich.

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