Mine Kill State Park, Schoharie Hike

This winter in New York has been a hikers delight! Even without spikes I have been able to enjoy some incredible trails, and recently visited Mine Kill State Park [161 Mine Kill Rd, North Blenheim, NY 12131].

mine_kill_state_park_An adventure begins simply with the drive out to Schoharie.

schoharieI love the rural roads and views. I never blink, wanting to take in all of the beauty, and this time spotted something extra special on the side of the road. A bald eagle!

schoharie_bald_eagleWe parked and got real close to the majestic bird, a sure sign of splendid things to come. After a healthy dosage of viewing we made our way down the road to the park. As we drove down the entrance road I took a snap of the trail map then continued to the parking lot.

mine_kill_state_park_6There are many miles of hiking trails, but I wanted to take the ones leading to Mine Kill Falls. The trailhead wasn’t 100% clear from the lot, a disc golf course is sprawled in the area. If you walk around for a few minutes you will surely pick it up, look for red markers behind the restrooms. To get to the falls we took the red, to orange, to turquoise. The red trail peacefully meanders through the woods.

mine_kill_state_park_4It smells delicious and the birds chirp happily. The orange trail spices things up just after you cross the bridge.

mine_kill_state_park_3Impressive views of a cascading waterfall appear, and on our visit, a perfect icy frame.

mine_kill_state_park_2The green trail becomes a big more intense. You’ll have rolling hills to climb and fall, and lovely views of the curvaceous deep green Mine Fall Creek.

mine_kill_state_park_1The edge is steep and there is barbed wire in some areas, so tread carefully. Continuing down the green you will reach the main attraction! Mine Kill Falls was seriously stunning in a winter coat of bubbling ice.

mine_kill_falls_schoharieThe warm weather promised flowing large amounts of water, flowing strong, which is always a pleasure to see. The partial views from up here are pretty great.

mine_kill_state_park_schoharieSoak it in, and head back the way you came.

Looking to grab some food nearby? Stop at Breakabeen General Store. Maybe a drink? Green Wolf Brewing is your spot.

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  1. julieovaltrades says:

    Thanks, it’s a great little spot. Looking forward to reading about more of your hikes!

  2. That park looks beautiful. I’m going to have to add that to my list for the next trip. Great post and pictures!

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