Volcano Winery, Volcano Hawaii

Volcano red, macadamia nut honey, and Hawaiian guava grape. With names like those, who wouldn’t want to taste some fruity wine while in paradise? The vibe at Volcano Winery [35 Piimauna Dr, Volcano, HI 96785 10-530] is classy, yet laid back, the true essence of Hawaii.

volcano_winery_hawaii_I love the intensity of the art lining the walls inspired from the nearby volcanoes that give this town and winery its name.

volcano_winery_hawaii_2Tropical fruits are blended with wine grapes creating a unique taste, perfect for those who, like myself, love sweeter wines.

volcano_winery_The winery even offers a tea infused wine, two supreme liquids combined, sensational! After a long day of hiking the wine hit the spot, and we were happy to indulge in a huge tray of cheese, crackers, and grapes which was our dinner!

volcano_winery_big_islandThis is a great activity to diversify the day when visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or heading down to the green sand beach. Sit back and sip some local wine with a perfect island flair.

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